The Solution for Any Situation

Upper Components

Why limit the benefits of BiOSUZU® to just the lower portion of the shoe? By utilizing sheet stock or a custom-molded component, you can apply the benefits of BiOSUZU® technology to the whole shoe. Create an entire upper with BiOSUZU® foam—or just specific parts, such as collars, tongues, and or quarter panels—for the definitive breathable product.


For a cooler, drier, and healthier footwear experience, disregard your traditional strobe material in favor of BiOSUZU® combined with a non-stretch fabric.

Traditional strobe material will breakdown over time. Ours will not.

Use (0.11 0r 0.13) foams or a high rebound formulation such as the BiOSUZU® X-BOUND™ for optimal results. For lower profile products—such as barefoot running shoes—we recommend you remove the insole completely insert our BiOSUZU® strobe for a thin layer of cushioning and moisture management.


Non-Footwear Components

BiOSUZU® foam’s definitive properties—e.g., antimicrobial function, breathability, lightweight, long-term cushioning, and moisture management—can be applied to more than just insoles. Such properties make our foams perfect for use in protective equipment—such as gloves, helmets, knee pads, shin guards, shoulder pads, etc. Additionally, BiOSUZU® foams are an ideal option for backpack straps, computer cases, headphones, and a plethora of other uses.


Apparel Padding

BiOSUZU® foam’s definitive properties— e.g., antimicrobial function, breathability, lightweight, long-term cushioning, and moisture management —make our foam an ideal choice for apparel padding as well. Incorporate BiOSUZU® foams in any garment with padding—such as chest protectors, shooting sleeves, compression shorts, girdles, gloves, etc. Our foam can be utilized in sheet form or molded into specific designs for both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

We recommend using BiOSUZU® X-BOUND™ for high rebound performance and BiOSUZU® LAZZY™ for a customized fit.