Specific to Your Preferences

Die Cut

Die-cut BiOSUZU® insoles will give you the “most bang for your buck”. It is the most cost-effective way to implement BiOSUZU® comfort and performance into your shoes. Die-cut insoles can be crafted from any BiOSUZU® formulations. Like all of our products, our die-cut insoles retain all the performance benefits—e.g., cooler/dryer, long-term cushioning, and healthier footwear experience—that BiOSUZU® is known for.


Single-Density Mold

BiOSUZU® formulations can be crafted to suit a variety of shapes and sizes. Additionally, BiOSUZU® products are overall better—e.g., comfort, cost, and performance— than their traditional EVA and PU counterparts. Whether you want to radically alter your product's performance or simply just change its aesthetic appeal, single-density BiOSUZU® insoles will do just that.


Dual-Layer Mold

A variety of BiOSUZU® foams can be mixed and matched to meet your specific preferences. For example, a firm material—e.g., (0.11, 0.13) density, BiOSUZU® Greener™, or BiOSUZU® X-BOUND™—combined with a softer material on top—e.g., BiOSUZU® LAZZY™—will give you both comfort and support. Do you prefer comfort or support? Here at BiOSUZU®, we ask, why not have both?


Multi-Density Mold

At BiOSUZU®, we offer a multitude of customization options. Our foams can be applied to specific areas of the insole to meet your performance expectations. For example, add BiOSUZU® X-BOUND™ pads to the heel portion of the insole for phenomenal energy return. Or, add a rigid heel cup (0.15 density) for added stability. Need arch support as well as a custom fit? Add an arch cookie of BiOSUZU® LAZZY™ foam. The possibilities are limitless.